EFLA Regional Congress

Dear friends,

According to our promises and due to your active requests, we finally updated our website with photos, files and conclusions (see the links below or menu on the left side).

But before you do it, have a look to a 20 minutes long broadcast about congress made by Tallinn TV (incl. inspirational interviews with keynote speakers). Although the information in it might seem for you too familiar, it contains an important information for public relations actions. It did a good job for profession recognizing in our country. It can do in yours as well. Please share via YouTube.

The quckest way to check the updates on website is to use the links below:

Please don’t hesitate to send us photos you did during the Congress to be published on our website and Facebook. We will be especially happy to receive photos from technical visits and social events.

We sincerely thank everyone for giving a feedback on Congress, keynote speakers and committee work. If you didn’t do that yet, we kindly ask you to fill out our survey. Your opinion is important for successful organising of the next EFLA congresses.

Once more we thank our great partners, foundations and sponsors, with your support we managed to keep a high quality of this event from program till technical solutions.

And we especially thank Estonian landscape architects for the great interview with congress keynote speakers Jan Gehl and Mary Bowman published in local culture newsletter SIRP still in Estonian, but by your request we will provide it in English in September 2012.

As for the proceedings, we announce that they will be published in year 2012. We apologize for several delays. In spite of some circumstances and lack of free time for volunteer projects we still are doing our best to keep our promises and move forward step by step. For those who asked us for details, the proceedings of the congress will be published as a special issue of Tallinn University of Technology landscape architecture proceedings "Acta Architecturae Naturalis". The ISSN number for these series is 2228-1320. Read our upcoming newsletters for updated information.

Thank you very much for attending EFLA Regional Congress “Mind the Gap: Landscapes for a NewEra” in Tallinn! We keep good memories of it and hope you do too. We hope to see each and every one of you once more. Perhaps, again in Tallinn.

Sincerely yours,

Congress Organising Committee

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